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Dance with Dan Wally 


Join DWB for a variety of dance lessons and workshops.  

Clogging & Country Partner Lessons

In a multitude of settings DWB teaches dance lessons that emphasize the rhythmic musicality of connecting to dance music as well as the frame and feel of connecting to your partner.  


This twofold focus on connection infuses group and private lessons in Appalachian clogging and well as Country Partner Dance.


DWB teaches mini-lessons as a part of the All-Star Covered Dish Country Jamboree on Tuesday nights October-May at Mags 940 Elysian Fields ~10pm.  


See the Calendar for upcoming lessons!


Children's lessons

​DWB teaches dance and fitness at ENCORE Academy in New Orleans and has extensive experience with choreography, lesson plans, and dance parties for children ages pre-K to 8th grade.  



(Photo on left) In 2012, DWB danced the role of Captain Von Trapp in Marilyn Cloutier's modern ballet to The Sound of Music with MusicWorks! in Waynesville, North Carolina.  

Parties and Events

DWB has played host to a wide variety of fundraisers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and hootenannies.  


As an Appalachian folk dance, square dancing is a beginner-friendly community dance.  No lessons necessary!  Each dance begins with a walk thru where the caller orients partners to the placements, patterns, and movements that make up the dance.  Typically, dances grow more complex through the course of an evening by adding moves to the evening's repertoire, so if you're a first timer it's advisable to arrive on time for the start.  


If you can walk, you can square dance!  If you know your right from your left, you've got a leg up on the competition!


Square Dance
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